Arts'R'Public is an artistic, intercultural and human adventure around arts in the public space of four countries: France, Morocco, Germany and Italy.

Crossroad Genoa, Artistic Residency in “Circumnavigando Festival”


The next Crossroad of Arts’R’Public is rapidly approaching… From 17 to 28 of December, the place to be is the city of Genoa, in Italy! The date and place of the public presentations will be announced on Arts’R’Public FB page, get ready!

This will be the final intercultural artistic residency of Arts’R’Public, inserted in « Circumnavigando Festival », an international event organized yearly since 2001 by the cultural association “Sarabanda”. Encompassing a broad range of artistic dimensions, from theatre to contemporary circus, the festival creates and fosters an appealing mixture of different arts, disciplines, styles, genres and generations, in the form of shows, meetings and exhibits, while aiming for an open and interactive communication between the artists and the public.

Arts’R’Public will once again leave its unique trace in the artistic field and in the valorisation and energisation of public spaces and community life, through the participation of its creatives, artists and young artists:

From Italy, Claudia Donzelli, interpreter/actress/performer/director; Elisa Vignolo, from the street theatre area; and Lorenzo Bavastro, actor;

From Germany, Dariusz Wojtkiewicz, painter, sculpture and graphic designer; Vivian Friedrich, physical performer and aerial dancer; and Paula Hennings, a young artist;

From France, Pina Wood, involved in contextual art, landscape theatre and dramaturgy; Cléo Fernandez, dancer; and Al-Amdjad Ibrahime, focused on drawing and applied arts;

From Morocco, Mohamed Makhloufi, acrobat and Chinese pole performer; and Atika Elhabib and Mohamed Nahhas, both circus performers.

And of course, the mentor and artistic director of the Circumnavigando Festival, Boris Vecchio, that will support and help all the artists in the creative process.

Wishing for many intercultural and inter-disciplinary artistic explorations and discoveries…!

Meet us in “Circumnavigando Festival” in Genoa, from 17 to 28 of December, and keep in touch with the latest from Arts’R’Public via our website and social media – on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

A presto!

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