Arts'R'Public is an artistic, intercultural and human adventure around arts in the public space of four countries: France, Morocco, Germany and Italy.

Flashback on Crossroad Hamburg // Stamp Festival 2016

Did you miss Arts'R'Public in Hamburg for Stamp festival 2016 ? No worries, here is a flashback !

During their Hamburg residency the 4 Artists and the 9 Youngsters from Germany, Italy, Morocco and France, have experienced to the fullest extent what it means to both work and perform in public spaces. They were fused with the street at Altona station which was almost their home in this time.
They have made countless connections with passers by, inspired the locals and integrated themselves in the local landscape. The neighbor that got mad, The doctor that helped Nabil, the refugees who took part in the project, the local drunkard that insisted on teaching Dariusz what is true manhood and all the other wonderful connections that they have made with the STAMP festival artists and people from the crowd.
This interaction with the public has caused their performance to truly reflect the local space, and the way of the people in it. Through the workshops and the cross assignments that the youngsters had, they had to get out of their comfort zones and have learned a lot about other fields of performance.
They have left traces in Hamburg that will stay there and will become a genuine part of the local landscape.



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