Arts'R'Public is an artistic, intercultural and human adventure around arts in the public space of four countries: France, Morocco, Germany and Italy.

Portfolio Category: Artists

Tommaso Rolando

An unhortodox musician with a non-institutional training, Tommaso plays a lot of different types of music from jazz to tango, electronic to folk, rock to improvisation...

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Aïcha El Beloui

Having trained as an architect and begun a career in cultural/architectural heritage, Aïcha developed a special relationship to public space, which she began to see as readable on several levels, and her various travels helped develop and nurture her reading of it...

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Caterina Moroni

Caterina is a performing artist and a professional in the communication and cultural sector.
Graduated in Communication and Business Management, she attended the European Professional School for actors directed by Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio in 2007 and 2008.

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Emmanuele Panzarini

The Emmanuel’s research encompasses photography, sculpture, digital art and installation, with a special focus on site-specific interventions...

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