Arts'R'Public is an artistic, intercultural and human adventure around arts in the public space of four countries: France, Morocco, Germany and Italy.

Portfolio Category: Mentors

Karim Troussi

Karim Troussi began his artistic career in Morocco before moving to France in order to deepen and complete his formation...

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Tom Lanzki

Tom Lanzki has been working in the field of theatre in public spaces for 25 years. After his experiences with Philippe Gaulier (Paris), Scharlatan theatre (Hamburg) and Theater Titanick (Münster), he founded the Bängditos theatre in 2004...

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Fabienne Rouet

After being involved for several years in the group Lézard Plastic Production, organiser of the International Biennale of Group Art at the "Anciens Abattoirs" in the north of Marseille, Fabienne Rouet founded the association Lézarap’art with two members of the team...

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Boris Vecchio

Creator of Circumnavigando International Festival of Theatre and Circus and CircoScienza®, Boris Vecchio is president and artistic director of the cultural association Sarabanda in Genoa...

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